The ExpERIEnce Children’s Museum welcomed the Erie Otters in for a meet-and-greet event with families on Monday.

Young fans and families had the chance to meet players from the Erie Otters hockey team at the museum. This meet-and-greet event allows guests to get to know their favorite players.

One representative from the Erie Otters said it’s all about encouraging the community to celebrate the city.

“We just want to be good stewards of the community. If that means that we can go out on a Monday morning and have our guys play a little knee hockey and get families excited and just remember that there’s a lot of good things and fun things in life, I think that’s more important than anything else we do,” said Shawn Bednard, director of communications for the Otters.

The Erie Otters plan to host another meet-and-greet event before the end of the year.