The Erie City Police Athletic League is teaming up with the Boys and Girls Club this week.

Kids from the Police Athletic League (PAL) had the chance to visit the Tom Ridge Environmental Center on June 22 alongside members of the Erie Police Department.

Several students said that they appreciated the opportunity to get out of the house this summer and learn more about Erie Police.

“It lets them see us outside of work. There are those instances where they see us in uniform on calls and things, but we wanted them to see us in a more relaxed setting, see that we’re human beings and we have lives outside of work,” said Dave Smith, Erie City Police Officer.

“It’s been helpful because if we’re struggling in life we can always call them up, ask for help, ask them if we need anything,” said Joseph Jones, Police Athletic League program.

“If you are struggling or not, you still have the officer to talk to. You can call and talk about what you’ve been going through,” said Unique Tate, Police Athletic League program.

Kids from the Boys and Girls Club also made a visit to the beaches at Presque Isle.

The activities will resume on June 23 at their facility on East Lake Road.