Several groups that promote non-violence hosted an outreach event in Bayview Park Wednesday afternoon.

Several members of the Erie Police Department and a group that promotes non-violence called “The Blue Coats” organized some summer fun in Bayview Park Wednesday afternoon.

A shaved ice truck provided some cold treats for kids in the neighborhood. One leader from The Blue Coats said events like this one strengthen the community.

He explained the group’s mission.

“That’s what we’re trying to do, just get the whole community involved and engaged and understanding that this issue that we’re having with our youth, it’s all of our problem. There’s no one-stop shop and no one-size fits all solution. All of us have to be involved because it’s all of our problems It’s a human problem,” said Daryl D Craig, chief adviser for The Blue Coats.

The Blue Coats plan to host a back-to-school event in Perry Square on Saturday, August 26.