Just one day following Memorial Day, high school students are making a commitment to join the ranks of the U.S. military.

Those making the vow said they’re prepared to serve the Erie community and our country with honor.

Three Harborcreek seniors are committing to service beyond high school — they are Christopher Cordosi, Brady Raymond and Ryan Garner.

Cordosi chose to join the Army National Guard for Pennsylvania while Raymond and Garner are both joining the U.S. Navy.

Cordosi said high school has flown by and he cherishes his final days.

“It feels weird. I didn’t expect it to go this quick. I’m excited, I’m ready to get the next stage of my life going,” said Christopher Cordosi, Army National Guard.

Each brave young recruit has goals they hope to pursue in their new life of service. Cordosi plans on becoming a cavalry scout, acting as the eyes and ears of a commander.

Garner wants to become a sonar technician, working in submarines detecting foreign objects. Meanwhile, Raymond has been accepted into the nuclear propulsion program, potentially finding himself underwater as well.

“For now, I’ll learn as much as I can about everything that I’m going to be doing, whether that would be through basic or my schooling. Just absorbing everything that I can and using it as a life experience to move forward,” said Ryan Garner, U. S. Navy recruit.

“I’ve always wanted to serve our country and I also want to travel, so I thought the Navy would be a great place to do that. I could also build a skillset out of it as well,” said Brady Raymond, U.S. Navy recruit.

All three young men said they’ve wanted a way to give back, adding that family has been a huge motivator and support group.

“What inspired me is that I had a lot of family. I had my mother, and they always pushed me to do something greater. I want to try to set an example for my brothers coming up. It’s just really setting an example for my family and doing them right,” said Cordosi.

The three recruits will be heading out to boot camp later this summer.