Local Vietnam-era veterans are being honored at the Pennsylvania Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home Wednesday morning, and some may say this is long overdue.

A total of 51 residents, who are Vietnam-era vets, were at the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home being recognized for their service.

Their volunteer coordinator said having the community and local elected officials in attendance to honor the veterans is special.

He also said the recognition for the veterans makes the day more meaningful after the vets did not have the same reception as other veterans that returned home.

“I think it signifies that as a country, we’ve come to terms with how they were treated when they returned, recognize that wasn’t the best response and a lot of efforts have been made since then to make sure that those errors aren’t repeated again,” said Ken Vybiral, volunteer coordinator, PA Soldiers and Sailors Home.

Vybiral added that it’s important to show appreciation for the Vietnam-era veterans while they are still here with us.