There’s a push to get Erie County residents of all ages out to vote, and we celebrated a 100-year-old Erie man exercising his right.

William Heard cast his ballot on Tuesday at the Erie County Courthouse. Heard was also celebrated for having voted in every election.

Erie County voter registration office staff was impressed with Heard’s commitment to civic duty, and election officials submitted his name to the Voter Hall of Fame. 

Heard was awarded a certificate for being a super voter.

“I hope it lets everybody know that no matter your age, get out there and vote and let people know what’s important to you no matter what. Whether you do it by mail or you come in person or you go to your polling location, you can do it. It can be done,” said Angela Watson, Erie County election clerk.

Heard cast his ballot just two weeks away from Election Day. Those voting by mail can also drop off their ballots at the Erie County Courthouse.