They’re man’s best friends and a local family said their rescue dog saved their lives when a fire broke out in their home.

Darice and Dennis Stroup of Spring Creek adopted Chloe, a 5-year-old chihuahua pug mix, in April from the Erie Humane Society.

“She’s just so protective of me, I’d tell you, she’d take on a tiger,” said Darice Stroup, Chloe’s owner.

No less than a week later, they said Chloe woke them up in the middle of the night after sensing something was wrong in her new home.

“Chloe jumped on them, licked them, woke them up and basically got them to grab everything that was on the bed and get out of that house as soon as possible. As soon as they stepped out of that house, they said the windows blew out of the home,” said Nicole Leone, executive director, Erie Humane Society.

“The window in my bedroom was like orange and I couldn’t understand why. I pulled the curtains back and the fire was shooting out the roof back down,” Stroup added.

Stroup said that she lost her brother to a fire 8 years ago and has always taken precautions in her own home.

However, the fire started in the void between the ceiling and the roof, a location that smoke detectors couldn’t sense.

“The house went so quickly after we got out. It was a matter of minutes until the whole thing was gone,” said Dennis Stroup.

The Stroups were displaced for about five and a half months before moving into their new home, where Chole remains the protector of the house. Supporters of shelter dogs said that every shelter dog has the potential for amazing feats such as this one.

“After going through whatever they’ve gone through in their life prior to you, they realize that you’re special and they will be as loyal as they can be to you. They will never turn their back on you,” said Darice Stroup.

The Stroups hope that by sharing their story, others will continue to give shelter pets the love and support that they deserve.

“That’s what we always say with people adopting is that they are coming and they’re saving a shelter pet, but these shelter pets can do so much more. They can truly be your savior,” Leone said.

“She is a sweetheart. She is the hero of this story,” Stroup added.