An Erie woman is receiving a special birthday surprise as she hits a major milestone.

Jo McCallion, the very first secretary of St. Luke Church, turned 100 years old Wednesday.

For the last nine years, students of Saint Luke School have made birthday cards for McCallion to help her celebrate. But this year, she received an extra special surprise.

Along with the usual festivities of cards and the second-grade classes singing Happy Birthday, the rest of the school students joined in to sing to McCallion lining the sidewalks in front of her house and in front of the church.

“It was like oh my gosh wait until mom sees this because I didn’t tell her about it. Her memory is a little bit different now so she actually didn’t remember what they did the other years so this was like a complete shock to her,” said Josephine McCallion, Jo’s daughter.

Her daughter said the family is pleased and fortunate to still have their mother.