A local church and distribution center have partnered together to help families in Ukraine,

Saturday morning started the second week that The First Ukrainian Pentecostal Church is hosting a donation drive to ship clothing and medical supplies to families in Ukraine. The goal is to collect as much material as they can an send it in early March.

Once documents are prepared, the items are sent rather quickly. The collection will be taking place every Saturday at Logistics Plus from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

The Erie Ukrainian community stresses the importance of staying informed, and there are many ways to donate.

“We collect funds as well. If you just want to help us with financial part and stuff, that would be amazing. Anything is welcome whatever is in your heart we really appreciate anything so,” said Pavel Nayda, a data analyst for Logistic Plus.

He said once the items arrive in Ukraine, there are a lot of volunteers to help spread the donations to the people who need it the most.