The Lenten season continues but the balance of Church traditions with popular holiday customs, comes into question. 

However, there this is good news for the meat lovers among the faithful.

Saint Patrick’s Day also fell on a Friday during Lent and Bishop Persico has given the green light to offer special dispensations that would allow the faithful to eat meat on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Bishop Persico said the faithful can eat meat on Saint Patrick’s Day if they would like.

However, the bishop said families can still eat fish on Fridays in lent.

Some places took advantage of the dispensation.

“That was a big bonus today, because we had the Reubens and we were packed for lunch so that was all good, we had half the hall filled up and the bar was filled so it was a good afternoon for us,” said Bob Selucki of the Polish Falcons Club.

How have the fish fry’s been so far this season?

“Fish fry’s been pretty steady, we are going through about what we expected, you know the weather had not helped last week with the ice, but it has picked up again today,” Selucki went on to say.

Over at Saint Luke’s, business has been good.

“Actually pretty good, we are competing against corned beef of course, and the Irish, and what have you, but that is as good thing too and we certainly hope they are doing well,” said Father John P. Malthaner of St. Luke Catholic Church.

St. Luke Catholic Church was only selling fish on Saint Patrick’s Day.

“We just do fish here, we’re just glad that our brothers and sisters that bank on the corned beef and that kind of stuff, we’re glad that they’re able to have a good day too,” Father John P. Malthaner went on to say.

The bishop also said just because he dispenses people, doesn’t mean they have to accept the dispensation.