Efforts to uplift neighborhoods along Buffalo Road continue.

The city’s neighborhood planner outlined several target areas Wednesday morning. For years, the Eastside Grassroots Coalition has identified parts of Buffalo Road that need attention and more resources.

The City of Erie recognizes this need and has outlined a five-year plan to improve these neighborhoods.

Projects include repurposing the former Burton School and large-scale improvements to Rodger Young Park.

“We look at the data in terms of housing and crime and other infrastructure needs that are occurring over there and take all of that into account to come up with priorities. It helps give the city a work plan to determine how we are going to be spending our staff resources and our budget over the next five years, especially in that neighborhood,” said Erin Carey, City of Erie neighborhood planner.

She continued, “We know that there’s a high need, and we know that there are community groups at the table who are ready to collaborate with the city so we’re excited to move the project forward.”

Several members of the city council said they’re eager for this work to begin.