The Flagship City Food Hall is celebrating one year of being a downtown attraction for tourists and the Erie community.

Vendors weighed in on being a part of the food hall and their experience. The food hall said it’s been a great year serving the Erie community as they reflect on what they say was their busiest time of the year.

Flagship City Food Hall has been a destination in downtown Erie for a year and staff of the Erie Downtown Development Corporation (EDDC) said they are pleased with their success thus far and positive feedback from the community

The director of food and beverage operations said their busiest day brought crowds through their doors.

“I think the Saturday of Celebrate Erie was the busiest day we’ve ever had. It certainly put us to the test, but the vendors did a great job,” said Mark Inscho, director of food and beverage operations, EDDC.

The director told us the status of vendors in the food hall as there are some changes from the original opening.

“We have nine spots. We have nine full right now. We’ve had a couple that tried some concepts that didn’t necessarily work out. We’ve got a few that may kind of be moving on to bigger locations in the future so that’s kind of like what it was meant for,” Inscho added.

One vendor recalled their experience after moving into the food hall in August.

“It’s been pretty great. The atmosphere is amazing. I really like what the EDDC is doing with the downtown. It’s nice to actually enjoy being at work,” said Jessica Amann, general manager, Jo’s Brooklyn Bagel Too.

Amann said working in the food hall has provided more community connections for their business.

“It’s actually really good to get customers in here we kind of make small talk and get to know everybody,” Amann added.

The vendors said they’re stronger together serving the community with various options for everybody.

“I think it’s great for the community to have something like this just for everybody to get together and have different options of like food whatever they really wanted,” said Joseph Agresti, employee, Noodle Love.

The food hall is holding a celebration party on Wednesday, Nov. 23, with food specials, drink specials beginning at 5 p.m., and a tee shirt giveaway with Erie Apparel.