The fourth mural in the Purposeful Placemaking Project is being unveiled to highlight aspects of an east Erie neighborhood.

Over the duration of the project, the artist Christina Wolfe met with teenagers through Careers & Dreams, an organization that provides career developmental opportunities to individuals ages 14 through 21.

Aspects of the mural that highlights the community includes a little girl with a shirt that says “Firehouse 10” that pays homage to the firehouse; a little boy playing with a firetruck that has the number eight – like the one sitting inside the firehouse; and leaves that represent the changing of seasons.

The mural at the Erie Fire Department on East Lake Road is placed along the safer walking routes to school for students that walk to Edison Elementary School.

The artist says this is the largest and quickest piece of art she has made, but she feels that it took a village to complete it.

“I didn’t really create it on my own. I had so many little hands, so many people helping with this mural. So I feel like it’s not just my work of art, it belongs to a very large group, and that makes creating really exciting,” said Christina Wolfe, mural artist.

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Erie Arts and Culture expects to have a minimum of 12 murals completed by the end of the summer.