The Griff Slides at Frontier Park have been shut down for safety reasons.

The giant slides at Frontier Park opened in Oct. 2021, and are now closed after injury claims.

Those claiming they have been injured say they could file lawsuits against the city. Later Friday, an insurance company is going to investigate the slides to see what kind of modifications are needed before the slides can reopen.

“Last Friday, on August 19, we had gotten notification from the city’s general liability insurance carrier travelers that there was a handful of notices of intent on potential injuries that occurred at the Griff Slides at Frontier Park. So we proactively closed down the slides,” said A.J. Antolik, assistant director of public works, City of Erie.

Stay with JET 24/FOX 66/ as we continue to follow up with the findings of the investigation to find out when the slides could reopen.