Not only is the City of Erie celebrating, but its downtown college campus is finding other ways to honor Dr. King.               

Gannon University’s Office of Campus Ministry hosted its annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. prayer service Monday evening. The university is helping continue to celebrate MLK Day and the ongoing fight for equality with a yearly prayer service.

Dr. King’s life, legacy and contribution to our country sparked new life with racial freedoms, equality and justice. On Monday night, Gannon University celebrated his life thanks to the help of dedicated students and campus ministry. The service opened with a reading of Dr. King’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech.

Bianca C. Morris, the event coordinator and member of the music ministry at the service, explained why the service is so important to Gannon students.

“I’ve definitely taken it on as a project because it’s near and dear to my heart, being biracial. A lot of our students on Gannon’s campus are also multiracial, multinational and this resonates with a lot of people, not just on campus but in Erie as well,” said Morris.

The service, organized by students, included worship, praise and scripture readings but was meant to serve as an ecumenical service.

Shiloh Baptist Church’s Pastor Anthony G. Harris was featured as a keynote speaker and spoke about how unity is the key to enacting change in our community.

“When we all bring our gifts and talents together, we can be a part of a dream of success, of great life, of change in the community, of equality, of eradicating racism and of eradicating hatred,” said Rev. Harris.

“It’s about the dream itself. We are black, white, every color of the rainbow and whatnot, but we are all the same on the inside. Somewhere along the way, somebody decided that we were different, but the truth is, we’re not. I think we should embrace our community and try to build it,” Morris added.

Separate from the service, Gannon University also showed off a curated multimedia event that highlighted Dr. King’s life.