It’s Friday the 13 and a lot of people love spooky thrills and fun.

Friday the 13th is a well-known night during the spooky season and a popular attraction in Erie is pulling out all the stops for their guests including a special guest for the occasion.

“Jason’s here from Friday The 13th. We have Jason visiting and bothering everybody tonight. Probably going to do some trivia questions, that kind of stuff, some giveaways,” said Autumn Coverdale, manager of Eeriebyss Factory of Terror.

One visitor said she enjoys the frights of the Halloween season and is looking forward to what awaits her in the factory of terror.

“I’m kind of excited because usually Friday the 13th is supposed to be like a spooky time a scary time,” said Amatallah Djellouli, Erie resident.

Guests entering the haunted house are greeted by 40 to 50 actors throughout different settings along with remakes of animatronics as they make their way through the different levels.

“I think something that I’m excited about is the point when the person jumps up to scare you or something…Either me or my sister is going to be the jumpiest,” Djellouli added.

One visitor from Saegertown said visiting a haunted house is a traditional activity for family and friends.

“We always go to a Mexican restaurant and then we go to a haunted house somewhere, so this year we picked Erie,” said Mike Gregor, visitor.

“Our actors are killing it. The patrons are having a good time, there’s a lot of screaming. We enjoy that,” Coverdale said.

Coverdale added she is happy to welcome visitors back inside the factory of terror for another year of fun.