The Hagen History Center is celebrating a volunteer that they said has been sharing the history of Girard for most of his life.

David Shaffer is celebrating his upcoming 90th birthday with cupcakes and special surprises from the Hagen History Center that acknowledges his work.

Shaffer is being presented with a marker dedication to honor his contributions as well as a plaque over the arch of the Girard battles white house gardens where Shaffer worked along with his late wife that passed away last year.

Shaffer told us how he feels about seeing people visit the garden and admire his work, years after his service.

“I’m just very thankful I had the opportunity to maintain the gardens when we did, but those years are gone by. But the gardens still look beautiful and the house and all the shrubbery around it. Gorgeous,” said David Shaffer, volunteer at Hagen History Center.

Shaffer also had a hand in building the dove coats alongside Tom Butler. He said he hopes the dove coats are good for another 100 years.