Highmark Caring Place unveiled its new Erie Otters activity room. This comes as we approach Children’s Grief Awareness Day.

Shawn Bednard, the director of communications and community outreach for the Erie Otters, said the purpose of the activity room is to show grieving families and children they are heard and supported.

He added the effort has taken on a life of its own as the Erie Otters play a game every season on Children’s Grief Awareness Night to raise awareness and proceeds.

“When you lose a loved one, you kind of feel alone and grief is such a complex emotion, so to know that thousands of people are there standing alongside you and supporting you and hockey players on the ice are wearing jerseys that directly impact you, I think it’s special. It’s something that we want to do and it’s something that we’re really honored to do,” said Shawn Bednard, director of communications and community outreach, Erie Otters.

Bednard went on to say proceeds from last year’s Otters game went towards a new bubble hockey table in the activity room. Highmark Caring Place is located at 510 Cranberry St.