More than 300 LECOM students and their families attended a “White Coat Ceremony” at the Warner Theater Saturday.

Hundreds of students from LECOM’s class of 2025 received their white coats.

The list includes about 60 students from the pharmacy school, and 270 students from the college of medicine.

The presentation of white coats is a tradition that started in 1995. He said it’s celebration of education as they transition into their professions.

“We’re really excited to be able to have the parents here today and the families come to support, because they really are the thing that keeps the students going. We keep telling them, and you’ll hear today during the ceremony, just how much we encourage the students to keep that in mind and in the forefront. It’s about the families today,” said Kevin Thomas D.O., professor, LECOM.

Several students and their parents agree that it’s a great day to celebrate with family.