WQLN is celebrating and highlighting Erie in a new series with the screening of Lou Richard’s landmark: Erie’s Bicentennial Tower.

The community engagement coordinator of WQLN said the screening is made possible by grant funding received for the new PBS series “Iconic America.”

The screening is made to celebrate the iconic landmarks in Erie with excerpts from the new series and a panel discussion.

The coordinator said highlighting these aspects of Erie is just as meaningful as any other aspects in the nation like the Hollywood sign or Fenway Park.

“There are so many iconic things about from obviously the Bicentennial tower, the Warner Theatre, things that are no longer there like the Koehler Tower, but it even means people, like Joy Savacchio and Dan Geary. It can mean food, like pepperoni balls and Greek dogs,” said Jocelyn Taylor, community engagement coordinator, WQLN.

Taylor added the series airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. on WQLN.