Tis the season of giving! One local woman is spreading Christmas cheer after collecting gifts all year long.

Suzanne Horstman has purchased 251 toys throughout the year since last Christmas. After Horstman missed last year’s Toys for Tots event, she made it her duty to come back in a big way.

Wednesday afternoon, U.S. Marines came by to accept all dolls, trinkets and games for other families to enjoy.

Every week throughout the year, she said she kept exceeding her goal even though she has never done something like this before.

“It’s just heartfelt and emotional. It’s time to give, there’s too much conflict in the world, let’s give,” said Suzanne Horstman, donated 251 gifts to Toys for Tots.

Horstman hopes her act inspires others to do the same and says the secret is to look for sales when you least expect it.