The Shapiro administration is announcing support for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) draft proposal for a national marine sanctuary in Lake Erie.

A local park operations manager of Presque Isle State Park said the sanctuary could be an economic and tourism boost in Erie.

The proposal for the marine sanctuary recognizes Lake Erie’s historical significance, tourism, recreational opportunities and economic contributions to the state.

Matt Greene, park operations manager, said having the Erie quadrangle designated as a national sanctuary will increase visitation to the area and Presque Isle State Park.

“We anticipate that it’s going to bring more people to the park. Those people are going to be looking for, they’re going to come here for the shipwreck kind of stuff, but they’re going to want to do other stuff while they’re around. And Presque Isle’s going to be one of those natural places where they come for that recreation kind of side of this,” said Greene.

Greene added another benefit of the marine sanctuary is protecting the cultural resources in the quadrangle of Pennsylvania.