“Pooch in a Pound” is a fictional children’s book written by Catherine A. Roser Rybak that gives the point of view of a dog.

Rybak said the book is about rescue animals and how they need their forever homes.

“They need homes. They all need homes. Cats and the dogs, I mean, they’re strays in shelters,” said Catherine A. Roser Rybak, author, “Pooch in a Pound”.

The author said all the dogs in the book are ones she has encountered throughout her life.

“All the animals in this book are actually from my life, sometime either when I was a child growing up or presently. I just wanted to do something. I’ve loved animals all my life, and I just wanted to do something to put it out there,” Rybak added.

A dog named “Winston” is joining Rybak with the Erie Humane Society at the book signing to further promote the adoption of dog and cats in shelters.

“This is really awesome. I read the book when I got here this morning, and it’s really sweet. I think it really puts a good perspective on shelter dogs and how they deserve to have a loving home. It’s awesome, it’s really cool.” said Maria Mott, volunteer coordinator, Erie Humane Society.

The Erie Humane Society and the author hope that readers receive the same message reading “Pooch in a Pound”.

“These dogs deserve a second chance like little Winston here from the shelter. He was a stray and you know they live their lives in the shelter for as long as it takes. We really hope that people read it, and they understand the importance of shelters, what shelters do and how they all deserve a second chance at life,” Mott added.

“Even the ones that maybe aren’t that fond of animals, they might find picking this up someday and reading it and think they do need a chance. They need a chance at life,” said Rybak.