St. Patrick’s Day celebrations returned to the City of Erie.

Many of those celebrating were supporting local businesses for the holiday.

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations were back in full swing. Hundreds of Erie residents were in search of corned beef, ordering Reubens from local restaurants.

The owner of McGarrey’s said they expect to sell about 2,000 Reubens on the holiday. He said earlier this week they sold about 800 sandwiches.

“We were actually pretty busy Wednesday and Thursday leading up to it and probably be busy tomorrow, we have good workers great employees that have been here a long time. A lot of them 20 plus years. It’s routine to us, it’s a long day, it’s a hard day, but we’ll get through it,” said Shane McGarrey, owner of McGarrey’s Oakwood Cafe.

At McGarrey’s, Liz Bricker said she shares her St. Patrick’s Day traditions with family.

“I love this place. I’ve always loved this place. We come here for the Reubens and I’m here with my friends and my brother. It’s his first time here in Erie for St. Patrick’s Day, so were excited,” said Liz Bricker, who was out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

Those celebrating on State Street said they feel it’s important to visit local downtown businesses for the holiday.    

“It’s great to see everybody out again. We went through some stuff there, but everybody’s out and it’s great,” said Chuck Thomas, who celebrated St. Patrick’s Day downtown.

“I’ve been coming since I was in college and it’s been quite a while, none of my friends could come today, so I came myself because I knew I would know people,” said Susan Smialek Smith, who was out celebrating the holiday.  “I think this is wonderful because we need more people to join together, and everybody be an Irish person on St. Patty’s Day.”