Infinite Erie has been awarded a million-dollar federal grant to advance projects in Erie County.

Local investment made this possible after several groups including the Erie Community Foundation, Erie’s Black Wall Street and the Pennsylvania Technical Assistance Program provided an additional $2 million.

The executive director of Infinite Erie explained how $3 million will be spent over the next three years.

“This will really allow us to do the work that we say we’re here to do. It will allow us to work with nonprofit organizations who are putting forth real transformational projects. They have some really great ideas and really great visions. And the projects, once implemented are going to be incredibly impactful on the communities that they’ve being implemented in,” said Kim Thomas, executive director of Infinite Erie.

The executive director of Erie’s Black Wall Street said part of the reason she’s so confident in Infinite Erie’s vision is because it’s an inclusive one.   

“Making sure many different organizations and groups are represented was one of the really key factors for me. Believing what infinite Erie says they’re doing and then seeing the action behind it,” said Kyra Taylor, executive director of Erie’s Black Wall Street.

Taylor said Eries Black Wall Street has a vision of their own, and Infinite Erie is helping them achieve it.

“Being able to share those plans with Infinite Erie and all of those people who are involved was really a game changer for us. Here’s what we need in order to do these things,” said Taylor.

Another example: Infinite Erie is also working with the Urban Erie Community Development Corporation to further their plans for the former Burton School on Buffalo Road. 

Local activists are hoping to use the space for a community center to uplift the neighborhood.