A long-time east side market is under new ownership, keeping a well-known local business alive.

Trawka’s Market located at 712 Payne Ave. is now under new ownership.

The previous owner ran the market for nearly 40 years. The new owners, Adrian and Nadia Pop, came to Erie from Romania in the 90s. They said while they have some new items, the market carries the same products and delivers the same quality as previous years.

“In a way, we’re actually keeping our traditions. This is what we wanted to do. We grew up in Europe, in Romania, so this is what we did all the time,” said Adrian Pop, co-owner of Trawka’s Market.

“This was basically our dream to do. Since we met, we wanted to open a restaurant and this is very close to that. People can come here and get their lunches, their dinners and also do a little bit of grocery shopping,” said Nadia Pop, co-owner of Trawka’s Market.

The new owners said they are grateful to have such a dedicated staff.