October is here, and so is the fall season.

One of the many ways the City of Erie is getting in the mood is by heading down to Mason Farms for their annual Pumpkintown seasonal festival. Mason Farms has been hosting Pumpkintown since 1985.

It has always offered community members lots of fun to kick off the fall season. Mason Farms, on Peninsula Drive, becomes Erie’s Pumpkintown for about a month, to start the autumn season.

This is the 37th year that the local farm has put on the festival, and generations of families have visited over the years.

“I was still in high school when we started this, and it started a lot smaller than what it is now. We’ve got lots of rides for the kids. We’ve got six inflatable rides, bounce houses and different things for that. We have a small haunted house for them, corn stalk maze, petting zoo, and concession stands going on. We’re just down here having a good time and hoping the weather holds out,” said John Mason Jr., retail manager at Mason Farms.

Each year, Mason Farms transforms its nursery into a fun fall destination for the family, and John Mason Jr. said that doing something like this in the city takes a long time to set up.

“Well, it’s interesting because we’re doing this in the city, not out in the country, so everything is brought in. It takes us about a month to build this,” Mason Jr. added.

We spoke to some guests who attended Pumpkintown on Sunday, and they told us why they’ve been coming back for so many years. Becky Corey, an Erie resident, visits Pumpkintown every year with her family.

This year, she made a trip with her niece.

“Yeah, we come every year. She likes to feed the animals and participate in all of the activities,” said Becky Corey, Erie resident.

Corey said that she has been here many times over the years with her children.

“I brought my kids when they were little so quite a few years I would say. Towards the end of summer there’s not a lot for kids to do, so this is something that gets them ready for Halloween,” Corey added.

Even for adults, there’s a lot to do. Mason Farms has plenty of home decor items that they sell throughout the year, helping in other ways to spice up the season.