City of Erie Mayor Joe Schember unveiled a plaque signifying the Mayer Building being listed on the National Register of Historic Places on Monday.

The recognition from the Department of the Interior came after several improvements to the building, including new historically accurate doors that were installed late last month.

It’s all a testament to the love and effort that has gone into the building.

“It’s really a dream come true. I mean, this was a long effort from a lot of people who are interested in historic preservation and interested in making not just the building come back and not be torn down, but come back and be alive and useful because there are 48 tenants in our building. We have all these artists working. Clay space is here. City Gallery is here. So people are coming in and out of our building every single day. It’s vibrant, it’s useful, it’s sustainable,” said Mark Tanenbaum, PACA’s artistic director.

Tanenbaum added their next effort is to raise enough funding to replace the building’s five-story elevator.