McDowell had its Hall of Fame Induction celebrating seven individuals on Saturday.

The class of 2020 was recognized this year due to the setbacks that COVID caused. Included in this class was Mike Gallagher, former JET24 sports anchor and reporter.

Gallagher is listed as a “Distinguished Contributor” in the induction for his work with the athletics program over the years.

“It’s kind of bringing the past and the future together with our current athletes being able to see where some of our past athletes have gone. Not only with their athletic achievements but what they’ve done in life, the lessons that you learn with high school sports and where they take you in life. It’s a really neat connection just building relationships,” said Mark Becker, McDowell athletic director.

The inductees were honored at McDowell’s Homecoming Football game on Sept. 23 ahead of Saturday’s ceremony.