Erie, Pa. (WJET/WFXP/ — McDowell High School is celebrating a major achievement as one of their students recently received a perfect score on their AP exam.

Senior Judah Jones is part of the top 1.26% of students worldwide who submitted their AP Research paper and presentation, according to the school district. From this, he is one of only 357 students to earn a perfect score in AP Research this year.

Jones’ project was titled, “Afropessimism, Performance Studies, and Literary Narrative Metaphor in James Baldwin’s ‘Go Tell It on the Mountain.’”

His project goal was to determine the extent to which James Baldwin’s ‘Go Tell It on the Mountian’ aligned with the social theory of Afropessimism’s understanding of social construction.

Through this project, Jones also developed a new concept within literary theory, “Literary Narrative Metaphor,” which is meant to communicate a complex worldview through the structural construction of a narrative.

This new approach to literary analysis provides a more instructional and scientific way to analyze works than the previous methodology.

Congratulations to Judah on his accomplishment!