An independent school in Meadville is starting the 2023-2024 year with a one of a kind classroom.

The Learning Center flipped the Green Mountain Energy switch Friday morning to mark the beginning of use of their new timber framed outdoor classroom.

The center provides opportunities for children to learn differently by reaching Pennsylvanians learning standards in a hands on, project-based way.

“We are so excited to have this beautiful space where our students can come out, they can be calm, they can be focus, they can discuss a math problem, they can discuss something going on in the news, a current event and how that relates to history, science experiments. All of that outdoor learning space is going to heighten the academic learning here,” said Dana Yeager, education director for the Learning Center K-8 School.

Green Mountain Energy Sun Club provided a $109,000 grant to connect students to nature with environmentally friendly materials and design.