Amidst the ongoing war in the Middle East, we have a local reaction from some of Erie’s Jewish community members.

Jeff Pinski from the Jewish Community Council said they have sent $25,000 of humanitarian aid to Israel. He said since then, the community has raised thousands of dollars in donations.

Freda Tepfer is a Jewish City of Erie resident who said she feels there are still many unanswered questions. Tepfer said while she’s concerned for Jewish people in Israel, she does not agree with some of the tactics of the Israeli government.

“I’m concerned about the welfare of everybody in the Middle East I’m concerned about Israelis, the people I know who have family over there, and the Palestinians and the hostages, the people that want to get out,” Tepfer said.

“We sometimes maybe don’t always support everything that the Israeli government is doing but we support Israel 100% and will continue to do that and we always will,” Pinski said.

The Rabbi of Chabad of Erie County said they are planning a prayer service on Saturday, Oct. 28, for the community to come together.