Being a mother is never easy. Between raising children, providing for them and nurturing them, it’s not something just anyone can do.

That rings even more true for mothers who find themselves in need or are down on their luck.

Wednesday night, the Mercy Center for Women hoped to be a springboard of support for those families tonight as they threw a community baby shower.

Jennie Hagerty, the executive director of the Mercy Center for Women tells us the need is certainly there. Families all around Erie could use a helping hand, especially those with newborns or are expecting.

Being a new mother isn’t something just anyone can do, especially for those in our community facing trying times.

The community baby shower at the Mercy Center for Women aims to help new and expecting mothers give children the best start of life opportunity possible despite any adversity the family might face.

“New parents in general need those resources, and with the increased numbers of homelessness in our community, something like this can really put someone back not only into finding the supplies that they need when becoming a parent, but also provide them with the resources of housing and other opportunities,” said Hagerty.

Families were provided with free baby supply kits to make those early days just a little bit easier, but opportunities were provided for families beyond just receiving diapers and blankets.

Several non-profits were set up at the center, letting mothers know they’re here to assist them throughout their parenting journey whenever it’s needed.

We spoke to a single mother tonight who says despite adversity, she has the drive and motivation to give her child the best this world has to offer.

“I’m doing it on my own and it’s not cheap. You’ve got to learn how to just do it. A lot of patience, a lot of depression comes along with it, but you’ve got to be there. Somebody’s got to raise them,” said Jana Moats, a mother.

Other mothers told us they’re thankful to know that Erie has so many options for support if they ever were to need it.