Students, faculty and staff at one local university painted a display for the Erie Zoo on Friday.

At Mercyhurst University, dozens participated in an effort to paint 85 posts for a new crayon jungle fence for the Erie Zoo children’s area. Students and faculty from all departments painted all day to finish the project.

One professor from Mercyhurst University’s art department explained how she came up with the idea, and one representative from the Erie Zoo said it’s great to see a local university giving back to its community.

“What’s being modeled is that when you’re part of community, it means you need to be involved and get involved and use your skills and your talents for the betterment of that community,” said Jodi Staniunas Hopper, professor of art and graphic design.

“We were just ecstatic to have the community want to take part and help the zoo in this way, and it’s just so great — coming into this room and seeing the energy here,” said Kylie Kaspick.

Soon, the posts will replace the old ones at the Erie Zoo children’s area.