For one night only, students at Penn State Behrend watched a one-woman show with a message that will teach them how to deal with traumatic situations in life.

“52 Pickup” is a one-woman show written by Katie Nixon who said she wrote the play in her senior year of college. She said “52 Pickup” is about a play that she feels most people can relate to.

“I ended up creating this piece about a past relationship that I had had and kind of getting over that past relationship and how to put your life together after trauma,” said Katie Nixon, writer, creator and performer.

Nixon added that the audience can expect music, dancing, drama and big emotions but also a message that she hopes resonates with everyone.

“There’s a lot of hope and there’s a lot of healing and my goal as I’ve taken this on tour has been just to help people, inspire them to heal and to give them resources and yeah hope,” Nixon said.

One student, who is studying psychology, said she hopes the play will teach her more about what she is learning in class.

“One of my professors recommended she is an adolescent pretty much focused on so I just pretty much expect to see something that I can understand from what I’m learning and be like something that is being shown in real life and that happens,” said Karla Ochon, Penn State Behrend student.

Another student said he is taking a course on resilience and he hopes to obtain life and social skills from the show.

“So I’m thinking like coping strategies maybe connecting with other people things like that,” said Aiden Caplea, Penn State Behrend student

Nixon said she has spread the message of healing from “52 Pickup” in other areas like New York City, Washington D.C. and Canada since December of 2019.