Manpower struggles within fire departments have become a common problem across the country.

Tonight, the Millcreek Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance addressing that very issue.

The ordinance approved Tuesday evening will create a unified Millcreek Township Fire Department, offering full time, paid positions.

The Millcreek Board of Supervisors meeting is underway at this hour as they look to address staffing concerns with the recently passed ordinance that could impact the entire community. 

As many know, fire departments across the country have been struggling to recruit volunteers, and the Millcreek Fire Department is no exception.

Here in Millcreek, the township tried to combat this issue in the past by hiring paid dayside firefighters at the West Ridge Fire Department. They became the first such department in Millcreek to do so.

A total of eight full time firefighters would be added with the proposed ordinance, along with a fire chief of the unified department.

Now that Millcreek Township has passed the ordinance, candidates to fill these positions may begin to be selected.

Supervisor Kim Clear says that this is a necessary move as Millcreek Township has over 50,000 residents. She added that the proposed firefighters would assist volunteers at West Ridge, West Lake, Belle Valley, and Kearsage fire departments.

We’ll have much more on the creation of a new Millcreek Township Fire Department on JET 24 Action News at 11 p.m.