Pennsylvania Careerlink and the Department of Transportation (PennDOT) held a Bayfront Construction Career Fair.

Job seekers and leading industry organizations came together to discuss work opportunities for projects such as the Bayfront Parkway Improvement Project.

The district executive for PennDOT said they have been working together to plan this for many months.

He explained that there are many positions available in the highway construction industry and no prior experience is required.

“We have what is called an on-the-job training program. It is where we have the contractors work and they will hire trainees, folks who don’t have a lot of background in the industry, and train them on how to do that type of work. In this project, there are seven of those types of positions. And it’s an opportunity for women and minorities to get into the industry and learn the trade,” said Brian McNulty, District 1 executive at PennDOT.

If you missed Tuesday’s job fair, you can still apply by heading to