After 50 years in business, doubts were raised about the future of an iconic Erie donut shop.

They can now be put to rest as the new owners of Mighty Fine Donuts announced their plans to preserve the east side business.

They call themselves The Mighty Five, and they’re not superheroes, even though some could say they might be.

The new owners of Mighty Fine Donuts are saving the business and continuing the legacy of former owner Kevin Brigaman.

“Our biggest thing is to get in here and learn through 2023. You’ll see a little changes here and there but nothing with a taste nothing with the name but you’ll see those little changes and tweaks but we kind of wanna move slow and make sure that we do this right,” said Shari Robinson, co-owner of Mighty Fine Donuts.

“I’m learning the craft, so, I’ve been making the donuts, I’m kind of helping with the production, it’s been a learning process the old owner, Kevin Brigaman, has been instrumental and a great teacher and helping me in try to get to learn those recipes and learn the craft and continue it on,” said Brad Baggins, co-owner of Mighty Fine Donuts.

And of course all five owners are Erie natives.

“Me and all of us grew up the closest to this place I grew up about two miles from here and we’d come here every Saturday and Sunday,” said Steve Reichard, co-owner of Mighty Fine Donuts.

While its often said too many cooks in the kitchen can ruin a recipe, but in this case each of the five has there own set of skills.

“We’ve known each other since we are pretty much kids 30+ years that we’ve been around each other and we all have different experience, but we all of mighty fine donuts we all have stories we all childhood memories. We love this brand we want to see it keep going,” said Doug Robinson, co-owner of Mighty Fine Donuts.

The fifth member of the team has expertise in the food industry, Michael Miodus is the owner of Odis 12 Sports Bar and Grill. The mighty five plan to keep the name of the business and current staff.

Maria Peavy said she has worked for Mighty Fine for more than 20 years.

“I’m excited for the change. Very thankful for the Brigaman’s and I’ve worked for them for many years, but I’m just excited for all the new things. And all the new change I love, all the new owners they’re great,” Peavy went on to say.