A mural that represents growth is being unveiled to the community as a part of the Purposeful Placemaking Project.

Notable public figures in Erie gathered alongside United Way of Erie County and Erie Arts and Culture to present the community with a mural that highlights aspects of the community of West 11th Street and Weschler Ave.

The mural includes Morning Glory flowers, houses similar to those seen on 10th Street, an Oriole, and more.

The artist said she is honored to provide this mural for Erie to identify with what is constructed off feedback from residents.

“For me, it’s an amazing opportunity to be able to do this and to give back. And again, yes, I’m coming from out of town, but I try to do as much research as I could to learn more about the community and where I was painting. Again, I really wanted to create something that spoke to the people here,” said Nicole Salgar, visual artist.

The mural is expected to be completed by Monday.