Erie, Pa. (WJET/WFXP/ — A long-time, popular Erie establishment is changing up its owners.

After 56 years of being owned and operated by the Brigaman family, the Mighty Fine Donuts has announced it has new ownership.

In May 2023, the Brigaman family announced the business was for sale, which was then purchased on Aug. 22 by a group of Erie natives — Brad Braggins, Doug Robinson, Michael Miodus, Shari Robinson and Stephen Reichard.

The group has formed Mighty Five, LLC, and will continue to operate as Mighty Fine Donuts.

According to a release, the new owners are committed to “keeping the brand local, maintaining the staff and providing the excellent taste and history Mighty Fine is known for.”

“Our group includes childhood friends and family along with a long history of collaborating on many levels including business, sports and friendship,” said Mighty Fine Donuts co-owner Doug Robinson. “One of the most important commonalities is the connection we each have with the brand throughout our lives. We are incredibly committed to ensuring Erie gets to share the same memories and good times we all have growing up with Mighty Fine!”

Each owner has business and management experience and plans to bring their expertise to the operation across different fields:

  • Michael Miodus has expertise in the restaurant business;
  • Doug Robinson has human resources and general management experience;
  • Shari Robinson will handle marketing and brand management;
  • Steve Reichard will work on the technology side; and
  • Brad Braggins will take charge in the donut-making process.

“We’ve known each other since we were pretty much kids. It’s been 30-plus years that we’ve been around each other and we all have different business experiences, but we all love Mighty Fine Donuts. We all have stories, we all have childhood memories, we love this brand and we want to see it keep going,” Doug Robinson added.

“We’re excited to bring a wealth of experience behind our powerhouse of a team to see where we can take this,” said Mighty Fine Donuts partner Shari Robinson. “We want to just get in there for the rest of 2023 and keep learning without missing a beat. Each partner will be handling multiple roles in the day-to-day and our planned growth. The business experience we bring will play a huge part in the lead roles we each take on.”

Mighty Five, LLC is thrilled to keep all the current employees and will be looking to hire additional employees throughout 2023.

Mighty Fine Donuts is located at 2612 Parade St. and was originally opened in 1967.