Tractors, live music and axe throwing will be taking over North East this weekend for farm heritage days.

This weekend is filled with great axe-spectations as Enjoy North East presents their first ever Farm Heritage Days.

The organization made this event as a celebration of farmers and agriculture. It will be two days of entertainment and a mega market in Gibson and Heard Parks.

“We have more than 110 farms, farmers and businesses that are related to agriculture out here and we thought it was time to have their moment in the spotlight,” said Jennifer Smith, organizer for Enjoy North East.

Enjoy North East is welcoming a touring team of women who are world champion, professional, timber sports athletes who compete head-to-head.

From axes to chainsaws, to log rolling, the Axe Women of Maine are showcasing their skills for all to see.

“There is a local connection to Erie County for the Axe Women. So one of them is from Edinboro originally,” Smith said.

“There all incredibly safe sports as long as you learn correctly. Find someone that knows what they’re doing, what they are talking about and just ask them questions. We all love the sport so much that we are all very happy to share all of our experiences,” said Alissa Wetherbee, owner of Axe women loggers of maine

The owner, who has more than 20+ years of experience, compares the sports to track and field and told us she trains year round.

“The distance is going to be 20 feet away, the center of the bull’s eye is going to be five feet off the ground,” Wetherbee said. “It’s a double bit axe. The face of the axe is going to be six inches. The handle’s 24 inches. They probably weigh about three pounds. “

You can watch the professionals this weekend in Gibson park.