Local lawmakers and members of their staff took some timeout to work across the food aisle.

On Monday, the Second Harvest Food Bank held its 8th annual Legislator Challenge.

The event pitted members of local legislator’s teams in a competition to fill food boxes in the least amount of time.

Bragging rights were the only thing on the line but the work they accomplished will help to feed hungry families across the region.

“It’s a very competitive project for our legislators. It’s really just for bragging rights, but you know, these folks sit on different sides of the aisle. When they come here to Second Harvest Food Bank, we can all agree that hunger is unacceptable, and we have to do something to make sure that everyone in the area has something to eat,” said Karen Seggi, CEO of Second Harvest Food Bank.

According to a post on state Representative Bob Merski’s Twitter account, his group took home Monday night’s trophy.