It’s a craze across the nation — from coast to coast — we’re talking about pickleball, of course. And the sport’s newest permanent home in Millcreek is finally coming to life.

In May, Millcreek Township had begun the preliminary work to repurpose tennis courts at Zuck Park into pickleball courts.

Two tennis courts provided enough space for six pickleball courts. For about a week, a crew of about half a dozen workers spent time leveling the surface.

Over this past weekend, the courts were painted, and nets are expected to be installed as early as next week.

“Pickleball, as everyone knows, has become a very, very popular sport nationally, and it’s really making inroads to Erie here fairly recently, within the past couple of years. We’ve had a lot of people inquire about when is Millcreek getting pickleball courts. So we listened and we responded to that,” said Jim Bock, Millcreek Township Supervisor.

A tennis court also was converted into multiple pickleball courts at Asbury Park in Millcreek. However, the township kept three other tennis courts in place at that park.