New additions are coming to West 8th Street after Millcreek Township Supervisors approved a motion that they said will beautify the area.

Businesses along West 8th Street are optimistic about the Presque Isle Gateway District Plan that they hope will slow people down and give them the chance to see more of what their businesses offer.

A resolution has been approved by Millcreek Supervisors that will bring new additions to West 8th Street and lead into Presque Isle State Park. The township supervisors said the project will solidify their vision of what West 8th Street and the Presque Isle Gateway District should look like.

“We have a lot of streetscaping that’s going to be going on. We’re going to be working on lighting, we’re going to be working on taking out power lines and putting them underneath of 8th Street,” said Kim Clear, Millcreek Twp. supervisor.

The gateway plan will also involve new additions from ordinances that the township has passed regarding the growth of the area.

“When we have new buildings that are going to be built, they are going to have to be 10-20 feet from the road. We’re going to be having bike lanes put in,” Clear added.

An owner of a coffee shop in Colony Plaza said she is most excited about the bike lanes.

“We have bike lanes down at the end, we can have a little green space. You can park right there, come walk on in. We have a lot of bikers that come through,” said Michelle Turick, assistant manager, Brew Ha Ha.

One store owner said she knows these projects take a long time but she is looking forward to the results once everything is in place.

“I’m patiently excited. I’m anxious to see how they pull it off,” said Mimi Sherwin, owner, a la Carte.

Supervisor Clear said planning for the project has taken place over the last six to seven years and is expected to go into effect within the next few years.