Presque Isle State Park continues its efforts to fill vacant lifeguard positions for the summer season.

Lake Erie lifeguard manager Steve Dunsmore said progress is being made in filling positions, but there are still open spots. He added that an open house will take place Saturday, April 8, to recruit more people as lifeguards where information will be provided, and they can apply if interested.

Dunsmore stated that although all are welcome to apply, certain qualifications will be taken into consideration.

“We definitely need someone to come from an athletic background it doesn’t necessarily have to be a competitive swimming background,” said Dunsmore. “We also look for maturity, we look for dependability, we look for people that are responsible, that have a good attitude and that truly do want to work, but it’s a job where you work with the public a lot. It does take a lot of demand and sacrifice.”

The open house will take place at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center between noon and 4 p.m. on April 8.