Renovations continue at the corner of 10th and State Streets with plans of an indoor golf center opening in 2024.

The CEO of the Erie Downtown Development Corporation (EDDC) said construction is underway for Five Iron Golf and 710 Cafe, adding the plan is for construction to be complete in January of next year.

He said the plan is to upgrade the inside and outside of the building and it will be more than a golf simulator business.

“The second floor mostly will be a bar and arcade. It will have a lot of games, shuffleboard, big buck hunter, golden tee, pool tables, ping-pong tables. There’s gonna be a lot of things for golfers and non-golfers,” said Drew Whiting, CEO of the Erie Downtown Development Corporation.

Whiting said he’s hoping this will add to the core of downtown Erie. He added a climbing gym will open on lower State Street this November.