Riverdance is celebrating 25 years of performances as the show comes to Erie, just in time for the Saint Patrick’s Day holiday.

The performers are in Erie for three performances at the Warner Theatre. Many of the dancers began their careers at a young age.

Despite that early start, the principal dancer, Michael Gardiner, told us the majority of the current cast was born after Riverdance’s first season. He talked with us about what it means to the performers who work year-round to prepare their shows.

“That’s the magic, isn’t it? You know, Riverdance is obviously something we’ve all wanted to do since we were little kids, and when we’re out there, I think the easiest way for me to explain it is like, I feel like I’m flying. And it is like an incredible experience,” said Michael Gardiner, principal dancer, Riverdance.

Gardiner continued, saying, “So all that hard work that we put in, all of the preparation, and all the hours of work that we did before to get to this stage — it’s definitely all worth it. Especially when we see the audiences out there, on their feet, clapping for us, I mean, not many people get to be applauded for their jobs, so we’re definitely very lucky and it’s definitely very worth it.”

Riverdance will hold one more performance at the Warner Theatre on Thursday, March 16, beginning at 7:30 p.m.