City residents will be cleaning up east side neighborhoods this weekend.

Starting Friday at 8 a.m., Erie residents will be working alongside volunteers from ServErie to clean up city neighborhoods.

Volunteers will concentrate their efforts on projects along East Ave. and nearby parks, doing the following:

  • neighborhood clean up
  • painting
  • pressure washing buildings
  • helping to restore Wayne Park and Lighthouse Park
  • partnering with agencies on the East side to help them with bigger projects
  • working with Erie Arts and Culture to put a mural into the neighborhood

The executive director of ServErie said it’s great to see this kind of community involvement. He said residents are encouraged to come out and volunteer this weekend.

“You see how excited and how much they care about their community. They just wanted people to come alongside and show them that where they live matters. So, as we’ve been doing that, it’s been really cool because normally our projects are organizations and companies coming out to serve with us, but we have a bunch of people from the neighborhood that have actually signed up to register to come down and do work alongside of us,” said Michael Washington, executive director, ServErie.

ServeErie is looking for:

  • site leads for each shift
  • people that are willing to bring tools
  • people with pick-up trucks that are willing to drive compost to the proper sites as well as other items like tires, electronics, etc.
  • Financial partners to help us fulfill the entire vision for this project: everything from purchasing trash cans to tools.

There will be two shifts available for volunteers — 8 a.m. to noon and again from 1 to 5 p.m. on both Friday and Saturday. For more information on the ServErie Summer Project, visit