Volunteers are cleaning up city neighborhoods in east Erie all weekend long.

Hundreds of ServErie volunteers and city residents are focusing their efforts on neighborhoods and parks near East Avenue.

“We have people who are cutting down bushes, we have people who are painting murals, we have people who are doing landscaping stuff, edging all up and down East Avenue, mowing grass, picking up trash, so much stuff is going on it’s crazy,” said Michael Washington, executive director at ServErie.

Clean up locations include Lighthouse Park, Pulaski Park and Wayne Park. One volunteer said a group is working to clear a fence covered in vines outside the Boys and Girls Club of Erie and added she wants to make a positive change in the area.

“It provides the children a really fun, healthy outlet, their energy and places to meet and learn and grow and learn sports and learn to work together on a team and have fun together,” said Liz Howe.

One project manager said she’s been volunteering with ServErie for years. She said she believes it’s important to give back to the community.

“If we want to see change, we got to go out ourselves and do it; and that’s what all these volunteers are doing here today. Right behind me here we’re putting in a nice big flower garden. We’re going to repaint some of the softball fences, repaint some bleachers, and really spruce up the park and add a lot more color to the neighborhood,” said Ashlyn Kelly, project manager, ServErie.

ServErie also has plans to fix up other neighborhoods parks using funding.

“Not only did we get trash cans for East Avenue, but we got them that we’re going to be putting into our parks. We’re also going to be putting in dugouts on the baseball field, and we’re putting in a pavilion over at Lighthouse Park, so we matched them and then we raised it,” Washington added.