The descendants of one of Erie’s most famous families had a special homecoming Wednesday morning.

The grandchildren of Captain William Morrison visited and toured his former estate. They did not grow up in the house, but they are reconnecting with their roots.

The Wood-Morrison house was built in 1858 and sits on Erie’s millionaire row on West 6th Street.

Morrison is one of the most significant figures in Erie history, known for his developments of Presque Isle and the Flagship Niagara.

“Oh, I think it’s great. I think my mother would have thought it was great, and I think he would have thought it was great. Because again, he was so involved that something like this could not just be torn down for a high-rise to be put in. I think he would have been very pleased with that,” said William Brooke, Captain William Morrison’s grandson.

In 2016, the Wood-Morrison house was purchased by the Erie County Historical Society.